Ladies and Gentlemen, our friends And business partners!

LLP «AYTEI GROUP Holding Company» is a union of the largest manufacturing companies in Kazakhstan with a long history of doing business both in our Republic and abroad.

The idea of creating AYTEI GROUP arose in the framework with the integration processes in order to unite the all capacities of our companies.

In its work, the management of Holding primarily strives to maintain the activities of all its enterprises in accordance with the highest international standards, taking into account environmental requirements, rules for rational use of natural resources, as well as safety requirements for the construction. All the work performed by the companies that are part of the Holding is carried out at a high professional and technological level, which is confirmed by the certificates of international quality system International Organization for Standardization 9001: 2000 that we received.

Thanks to the close-knit team of employees, numerous customers and high professionalism of all those who share our business with us, we have the opportunity today to offer reliable and mutually beneficial cooperation in all those areas that we represent. In our Republic, through the efforts of the President and local authorities supporting the long-term development strategy of the country, a truly favorable business environment is emerging for the investment activities of companies at the present time.

The stable political situation, which guarantees the inhabitants personal security and inviolability of their property, as well as a favorable geographical position, certainly, make our Republic attractive both to foreign and local investors.

«We trust that cooperation with the Holding Company will allow You, together with us, to take a further step towards success!»

Mr. Nail. Yussupov


Roads, Bridges, Tunnels

Construction and reconstruction of roads and bridges
Road construction

Water canals

Treatment and reconstruction of water utilities

Sand and gravel mix and constr. mat.

Production of sand and gravel mix and other construction materials


Agricultural industry

In Kazakhstan, as in all the world, roads are the inescapable link in the overall transport system, the level of development and technical condition of which has a significant impact on the economic and social development of the country and its individual regions. Reliable transport links contribute to improving the efficiency of the use of production capital fonds, labor and material and technical resources of the country.

The AYTEI GROUP holding is the largest Kazakhstan road construction organization, which includes 14 companies specializing in the construction and reconstruction of roads, bridges, road and railway bridges, overpasses, tunnels and protective constructions.

Also, the holding enterprises are engaged in such activities as:

  • Industrial and civil construction engineering;
  • Production lines for reinforced concrete products and structures;
  • Development and extraction of stone materials, crushed stone, sand-gravel mix, screening, construction, arenaceous quartz and marble;
  • Treatment and reconstruction of water utilities;
  • Agricultural production.

Today the management of the holding has paid special focus and support to the development of the agricultural activity, namely crops production and the processing of agricultural products. The holding owns more than 50 thousand hectares of agricultural land, all the necessary agricultural equipment of international manufacturers, as well as lines for the processing of agricultural products.

Providing a wide range of construction and repair works and supplying own materials to numerous facilities in Akmola, Karaganda, East Kazakhstan, Almaty, Zhambyl, Aktobe and Mangystau regions, «AYTEI GROUP» Holding is one of the largest in Kazakhstan its sphere of production today. The enterprises have production bases, more than 10 quarries, crushing equipment, 15 bitumen concrete plants including mobiles, owns the most advanced production equipment: bitumen paving machine, asphalt compactors, graders, dump trucks, bitumen crushed stone distributors, compressed air plants, bulldozers and other road-construction equipment.

Our offices

The companies’ offices belonging to the AYTEI GROUP are located in Almaty, Astana, Kostanay, Karaganda and Aktobe. Currently, the holding employs about 1,800 people, including certified engineers and technicians, seasoned masters, site engineers, foremasters, and craft workers. Thanks to the introduction of international best practices and management within the holding, the material and technical base of all financial and economic indicators growing, which allows the holding company AYTEI GROUP to maintain and expand its position not only in the Kazakhstan market, but to be competitive in foreign markets. These constructions make it possible to have billions of dollars turnovers in companies profit.

Strategic aim

Kazakhstan is located in the center of the Euro-Asian region, which creates favorable conditions for the use of transport routes of transcontinental routes in Asia-Europe communications.

The main strategic aim of «AYTEI GROUP» Holding aimed at supporting the development strategy of the Republic of 2050 is the decision to be a sustainable competitive company, to use all international experience, advanced technologies in the area of road construction.

To develop our own production, to expand the range of products, to search for potential partners and investors in all areas of our business.